IBRAHIM MANDINDO was born in late 1990 and got his EDUCATION AT KISUTU PRIMARY SCHOOL and moved to GREEN ACRES SECONDARY SCHOOL which he finished in 2007 then he continue at the college level where he went to CBE FOR DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION in 2010.

While he was at the education level COUNTRY WIZZY was already into music slowly trying to follow the footsteps of his Big Brother BABUU WA KITAA.

When you speak about this NEW GENERATION for now Definitely your hitting up the Father of This generation (COUNTRY WIZZY) who paved the way for all-new cuts in the game.

In early 2010 COUNTRY WIZZY started a serious movement with some dope tracks and mixtapes that lead him to move fast into MAINSTREAM BUSINESS.

He released songs like #MATESO FT LINAH #WATCHME FT GNAKO #MONEY_POWER_RESPECT FT LATE GODZILLA and so many more that gave him so many fans from the street and college because he was like the voice of them to the MIC.

COUNTRY WIZZY started his carrer as a solo artist with no management behind, but he managed to make a way for himself till today. As the father of new generation COUNTRY WIZZY generated so many talets to the game like #S2KIZZY #YOUNGLUNYA #CONBOI #SALMIN_SWAGG and many more.

From 2010 to 2017 COUNTRY WIZZY was already a famous kid from street of MIKOCHENI then movement started to grow bigger after COUNTRY WIZZY meets John Tojo and Petit MAn wakuache then they formed (ROOFTOP ENT) and this was FEB 2017.

After introduce the music Label ROOFTOP with brothers COUNTRY WIZZY released his first song under the label. #HAKUNAMATATA FT BILLNASS. then followed up with massive hits like #TURNUP FT MWANA FA JULY 2017. then from there the rest is history because all the industry realised that COUNTRY WIZZY is the future of TANZANIA MUSIC INDUSTRY.

COUNTRY started making a big name more and more with his rap style and stated hitting big stages in the country like #FIESTA #WASAFI_FESTIVAL #NYAMA_CHOMA and so much more that made him big value with money.

Then COUNTRY WIZZY brought (O.M.G) to the music life ( YUNGLUNYA, CONBOI, AND SALMINSWAGG) This new crew made a big move by having hot tracks with flow and dope words in the street. that made people add more respect to COUNTRY WIZZY more and more for helping young artist get their way music.

KIBEGI #DOGOLI #CALABASH #WANAONAHAYA #ZEE_LA_KUKOMESHA #LEO are among of the HIT tracks from COUNTRY WIZZY all the way from his debute album (YULE BOY).

2020 SEPT COUNTRY WIZZY joined KONDE GANG after his friendship with HARMONISE.

ON SEPT 12 he releases his second big project (THE FATHER EP) that includes 5 songs #BABA #MONEY #KAKA_ARUDI #BODY #BADO AND #FAR FT HARMONISE.

This project made it big on all platforms and was successful in all ways.

In the year 2021 COUNTRY WIZZY released his hit track #BABY which was so big and still doing good on streaming platforms.

Straight to 2022 early Jan COUNTRY WIZZY finally got out of the KONDE GANG after working with them for about 1year and a half.. Despite their friendship COUNTRY WIZZY decided to make a way and start his own Music Lable.

Later 2022 COUNTRY WIZZY Introduced his new company I.A.M ENT.(IBRAHIM AYOUB MANDINGO) and start with signing 4 rappers at one and form a music group. #FRESH_BOYS_TZ as the first team to join the company.

COUNTRY WIZZY and I.A.M ENT have a better future for young artist and we looking forward to sign many more artist and help them passive their dream.

So far so good this year COUNTRY WIZZY is planning on release of a new album as a continuation of YULE BOY THE ALBUM.

As a musician and a businessman COUNTRY WIZZY got a big dream for the new generation.